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We're often asked about our name, and sometimes it's hard to put a finger on the meaning.  Here are some examples of situations that capture the essence of "Vienna Development Alliance".

Cottage Street Sidewalk Improvement

On our 704 Cottage project, we went ahead and installed a sidewalk. Not because the Town required us to, and not because our buyer requested it. We did it because it's in line with the Town's overall plan to create a more pedestrian-friendly environment, and we believe that is the right thing to do. The Town will eventually tie the sidewalk they're building on Cottage St into our sidewalk, and this will help accelerate their plan to take the sidewalk all the way to Maple Avenue.

Vienna Little League Fence Repair and Tree Removal

When the Vienna Little League Board needed this massive tree removed from Rhodes field ASAP, they turned to Vienna Development Alliance. Less than 24 hours from the Board contacting us, we had our guy, Fidel, and his crew from ADM working on the tree removal. They are also taking down multiple other trees on the Yeonas Park property that pose an immediate danger to the Park and its neighbors. Another example of what the name Vienna Development Alliance means and values.

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