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809 DeSale Street, SW

Working with Steve and the Vienna Development Alliance has been a real pleasure from start to finish. We purchased a completed home in Vienna in August 2014 and we were not sure what kind of follow-up we would have once we completed the purchase. Steve has redefined the user experience for us and provided outstanding attention to his buyers, even on issues that were technically not in his scope. Steve brings a real integrity and "make it right" attitude to the process which made the experience a real pleasure--he even accepted deliveries for us when we made minor changes to the kitchen, and recommended and coordinated the work of some vendors including the deck builder (and permitting), an electrician, and landscapers. Steve is a local Vienna guy which makes him even more motivated to have happy buyers and it shows. 


We have been very impressed with the quality of our new home. The trim details are beautiful and well-built, our corners are square, and the finishes are really high quality. Our guests always comment on how nicely the house is finished and we have to agree. The on-site stained floors, thick moldings, and extensive wainscoting are custom touches that really enhance the house, and we love the universal granite, in-baseboard outlets, and detailed window trim throughout. The utility room is also very nicely laid out, with pipes and valves neatly labeled and organized which we really appreciate. You can tell that the house was designed with the people who will live here in mind--the bedrooms have the outlets oriented around where the bed would logically go, the laundry room is huge and functional, and the flow was carefully considered. 


All in all we are thrilled with our new home and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Steve and the Vienna Development Alliance to any prospective buyer.

Susan Delaney, Seller

110 Elmar Drive, SW

We were in the process of renovating our house so that my elderly mother could move in with us when it became apparent that having her move from Ohio to our house on Elmar Drive was no longer an option.  Since my husband had just retired and our son would graduate from Madison High School in a few months, we decided that we would move to Ohio instead.


We had to overcome several challenges when selling our house. With half of the house basically a construction site, the "as is" sale clause was a must.  An even bigger issue was the fact that we

needed to close on the sale before we could buy a new home in Ohio, but we didn't want to actually move until after our son's graduation.


In order to avoid expensive real estate commissions, we listed the house ourselves.  Almost immediately after doing so, Steve from the Vienna Development Alliance (VDA) contacted us. The fact that Steve lived just a couple blocks from us was comforting, but what struck us most was the time he took listening and getting to know our personal circumstances.  Sure enough, VDA's offer accommodated every issue we had discussed, including a three-month rent-back period.  The price was also extremely fair -- so much so that we didn't make a counter offer.


My husband and I have roots in Vienna that go back nearly a century.  We're proud that one of our neighbors has decided to take an active role in the redevelopment of the Town to make sure

it's done the right way.  Overall we couldn't be happier with our experience, and we highly recommend the Vienna Development Alliance to any family considering selling their home.

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